If religion is higher than humanity,
I am irreligious.
If religion is greater than friendship,
I am unfriendly.
If religious means extravagance and riches,
I am poor and shabby.
What is religion without service and humanity?
What is religion if brotherhood is dead?
What is religion? Is it Christianity or Hinduism?
Or is it Islam, Jew or Sikhism?
I am irreligious to those religious ones,
For me humanity is religion and religion is humanity,
For them overnight fame and vested interests.
They speak in the name of God and hide themselves,
I speak in the name of people and find God in them.


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A student of English literature, A freelancer who contributes articles to national dailies of Nepal, an English teacher at CG Pearson School, a technical writer for a national IT magazine, and a passionate blogger. www.subediken.blogspot.com

Last updated March 05, 2012