Typical teenagers

Typical Teenagers
Happy, sad, sleepy, mean,
Feelings often change,
a common act of a typical teen,
I find it rather strange.

Talking to a friend,
or sending them a text,
They talk for hours on end.

They’ll leave their room a mess
and give cleaning it a miss,
but yes I must confess to also doing this.

They think their folks are ancient, and utterly unfair.
The result is to ignore them,
before they start to swear.

Their music cracks the ceiling, and makes their parents fume.
Emotions always reeling,
and spend more time in their room.

Being a teen may seem pretty bad,
but from experience I can tell
it’s much worse for mom and dad.
For them
It's a living hell!

Keneilwe Mosabane

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I'm a shy girl/ teen, never presented my poems in public because of my shyness. I write mostly about grief and it started in 26 October 2006 when I lost my father.

Last updated July 14, 2015