A story of a teen

This story
Is a story of a teen
Who fleed, from who tried
To aid and help
In stormy days laughed
As if happy, fooling those,
Those who believe in the lies
Lies we arent to understand
In those bright days, seeking. Seeking for darkness
As if afraid of brightness.
That's not what we are to understand though
For this teen was full of life or at least we thought,
This story is my favorite
For this teen died....
Without showing much of that which ached the soul
The soul of this teen full of life
Yet with a hater towards all.
Blinding us with beauty
Kindness and love.
But all along this was an act
Act to fool us into beliving in
That of which wasnt felt
Hiding scars, and cuts
Tears and heart.
How stupid are we all ?
To not have notice
And those who notice not to care
And those who cared so naive
Not to understand.
This story is my favorite
For it's the truth
Of hearts who ache
Without being heard
This teen has no name
For is a story that belongs to too
Some things we may never understand
So for now let's not laugh
At the joke of that teen sitting not too far.

Andrea Soto

Andrea Julieta Soto Coria's picture

I'm from CA, USA, Hispanic, 11/03/01 I took my first breath, with a few friends, of a family in which only few care for me, great student, outgoing yet timid, afraid of the future, I enjoy anything, im not cool but im friendly and kind most of the time

Last updated February 20, 2016