Loves Funerals

Love’s Funeral

As evening approaches, sunset touches the red horizon,
Red roses rain down to the frail
While the robust attendants mourn for the dearth of love.
“Oh love” we cry on the eve of Love’s funeral
“Oh love” they lough vigorously, as they see humour to the dearth of their enemy.

The nightingale sings as morning approaches,
The doors open as the attendants enter.
The Funeral starts, and tension roars in the hall
While a pool of tears fills up.
Firstly God the priest prays, and angels sings the heavenly songs
While Loves siblings fight for the heir to the thrown.
Lust the eldest mumbles through a long speech
Trying to deceive the audience of his love for his father
Although hatred is the only feeling in his heart.
As his wish is only to bring viscous pain to the optimistic.

What was the course of dearth everyone wonder
As suspected names start to arouse on the curious minds
Curiosity the second son speaks.
Trying to murder faith of the fragile hearts
Leaving only devious minds, to remodel the society
Into a living hell with no morals nor belief
Only telling lies of civilized lives, in an uncivilized world
Where Lucifer will be the ruler.

“Why love, why did u leave this world”
The youngest Hope cries, mourning for her beloved father Love
Trying to bring life to the dying
Wishing for the witches to clean their soiled hearts
Wanting the better for the bitter
Willing to see a brighter future as Hope is mortal

The last hour rings,
Silence spreads in the crowd
Darkness overcomes light, eclipse rises in the sky
The priest says His last words
Oh love, you’re a fragment of my flash
You’re a pillar to this uneven world
You’re a weathered beam to support this hefty world
You’re me, the rightful ruler of this world
Even how much hardship u withstood upon them
I never thought you might be crucified by their hands
But your death only make you stronger
As we will beat it to the ground
And hope will never fail us
Although others will.
Then the coffin is being lowered
Time has ran out for Love
But Loves end is not yet to come.

Siphumelele Mjwara

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Last updated November 19, 2015