The Tree in the Mist

"The Tree in the Mist"

In the mist dark and deep there stood a tree on a hill not too steep.

His limbs out to every side. The limbs knotted as they reach way up high.

The story this tree could tell of strangers who have taken this misty trail.

In the middle of the trail it stood firm and strong as one that had decided this is his home.

I stopped to pause and stare as the mist began to settle in my hair.

My story is not as fair as like this tree's limbs lifted in the air.

Though, I might not be as firm and strong I know one day my heart too will find a home.

Kem G. Lowery

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I am new to writing in the area of publishing but have loved to write for years. A father and Pastor with an ex-wife. I am in love with love and looking to begin chapter two of my life. I write to express and release myself of pain with the hopes of helping another to cope with life as I do as well.

Last updated December 21, 2015