To Love

You inspire me to love
With every breath that is within me
Loving you has made lights shine within my soul causing every neuron to spark setting off a chain reaction of eagerness, no stimulating yes it's invigorating lighting every flame inside me a fever to wash over our flesh bringing two bodies to act in the rhythm of one for once I'm not only myself, but I am you as you are me we're one with every motion and as we're in our moment of sensual Dalliance I'm Elysian and nothing else matters until we reach our crescendo and once you're gone I still feel your presence and smell your faint silage. You have inspired me. To love you with every breath that is within me until the end of our time.

Raheem William Hill's picture

I'm an African-American poet and I love to write. It's something that I feel releases what my people feel and I wanna be the voice for the ones who can't speak or are too scared to speak.

Last updated October 05, 2017