Deeper than

My affection for you abides deeper than any ocean
Wider oh wider than any sea
If there prevailed a million miles of hot sand
I would wade in it to you without a second thought
Because you're my heart My soul My Everything
Sometimes late at night I listen you breath and I know in my heart that I'll love you indefinitely
My love for you run like the stars in gods Heaven on and on and on

oh I've prayed for this man oh I can breath the beauty of your caramel skin in heat
Your hazel eyes melts me with ease
The smell of you has hit me I must have you
You just would not do with someone else you're my perfect soul mate
Your mine mine only

Oh how my love for you is deeper than any ocean
Wider than any sea

So walk these million miles of hot sand
Along with God and me .

Raheem Hill

Raheem William Hill's picture

I'm an African-American poet and I love to write. It's something that I feel releases what my people feel and I wanna be the voice for the ones who can't speak or are too scared to speak.

Last updated October 02, 2016