Teardrops From The Sky

She never cries

She never dies

Her heart is made of crystal ice

Without a beat

She can compete

With creatures of the immortal disguise

But as she rises every day

And mourns over her lonely life

Black clouds swim over the bluish grey

And her teardrops fall from the sky

The villagers shed puddles of them just for her

And she marvels at their charm

That something so simply done

Could bend somebody's heart

And as the jewels of their tears reach their feet

And the sympathy she resents leaves

She sees into their beating hearts

And plots to be an evil thief

A boy she stumbles on that day

A boat boy to be exact

She met him more than once before

But this would not be the last

Cleverly she trips into his boat

And lets out a feminine wail

He leaps immediately with her in it

And the boat begins to sail

His broad arms tense and loosen

As he directs the aquatic flight

But as he almost passes the abandoned castle

She steers it to the right

Before he could take a hint

Of her cunning and devilish plans

She lays her palm on the side if his face

And takes a hold of his hands

She tenderly lays his head to her abdomen

But the moment is bittersweet

Because as his ear is glued to her ribs

He hears not a single heart beat

A wave of ice consumes his form

And she revels in her sparkling sculpture

And before his thoughts are frozen ice

He views her as a hideous vulture

In the castle

Holes on its ceiling

Almost falling apart

She places his body on the tarnished throne

And begins to pick at his heart

She never cries

She never dies

But many times she'd tried

And as she looked at his glazed bone structure

Teardrops rain from the sky

How could you?

Who are you?

She rants to her self

As she looks at her childhood friend

The one who hid those resented tears well

She would never see him again

And as the tears soaked and demolished the trap

His racing heart grows calmer

But it also melts her aging heart

Into warm and bitter water

They both collapse

Tangled on the floor

Him shivering

Her temperature high

And the melted ice heating up inside her

Welts into her eyes

And for the first time in her beginning-less life

She arches her back and cries

She weeps until the drops inside her only remain on her cheeks

But before her last breath is over

Something enlarging inside her begins to beat

And as she slowly realizes

She possesses a heart within

She concludes that its reason was

Because the boy was kissing her lips

And as this new feeling of love

Gives birth to a living heart

She decided that she'd endeavor

On a clean and brand new start

The boy was tricked

But stays by her side

And the villagers don't wonder why

But sometimes

In the dark she cries at the loss of their compassion

To the teardrops from the sky

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I use my creativity as a weapon to express myself.

Last updated October 31, 2016