Million Shards

Million Shards
It fired successive
artillery shots into his heart.
from the speed piercing it apart
His heart has broken into million shards
And now it bleeds as a painful art

It was not his destiny bought him sorrow
Nor was it the bow and arrow
It was his misfortune playing hard at him
Weakening him inside his body and limbs

Swelled his eyes begging the lost
Somedays withered even the tears felt short
Giving a look at his memories back into
Reflections of past whose truths he never knew

He wrote his fortune each day with the blood
He is free today without his hands shackled
Stained in red and smelled iron
He is on his own way a path to new terrain

Shahrukh Shaikh

I am Shahrukh Shaikh, 19yrs Indian., A sophomore medico, having a deep intrest in writing I take not this as a skill but a gift that require recognition and I personally feel that this is a best platform for me to showcase my work. I hope you would like and appreciate some of my initial writing's. If you all could help me out it could boost me as a recognised writter

Last updated November 12, 2016