The Corn Maze

by Robert A. Lujan

In front of me
Sits porcelain filled with espresso
Overhead is overcast
Much like these thoughts that i wrestle-
Im certain this is paradise
Wait for the dust settle
She followed the tracks
Because this beast bled slow-
To let go
Far to common
Than it should be-
Opportunity to read the signs when she said she understood me-
Red flags and alerts
The second that wooed me-
The sooner we-
Pretend it never happened-
The better off we'll be
free passage to the maps end-
Swallow the coordinates-
Farewell and good cheer-
As she fades into the night-
As fast as she appeared-
Don't shun the process
Its automated, calibrated through time-
Its just your lack of conscience-
Thats been contradicting mine-
And everything worked out much better than expected-
further damage from the darkness you reflected-
Funny how the ones who have none
demand to be respected-

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Born and raised under the blazing sun of the Coachella Valley, the desert landscapes have shaped my thoughts and have allowed me to create my poetry from clear perspective. My style is multi rhyme structure and I lend myself to the disclosing of the impact that love and loss has had in my life. I hope in my poetry you find my pain, as well as my triumph, please enjoy and share any feedback.

Last updated January 12, 2016