Just in case

by Robert A. Lujan

In my..
and with every thought of you..
Wonder why
am I still blue-
These references from old jazz tunes-
Got me in a slight change of attitude-
Flip it-
From the left coast pacific-
Tear through your riblits-
Speak on it cause I've lived it-
I'll be honest,see, Im livid-
And it feels good to admit it-
Oddly enough the shoe was nicely fitted-
I've made errors in my road-
And ive constantly relived it-
Spirit led, not religious-
Give love thats not contingent-
On reciprocation-
My virtues move patient-
You're on a need to know..
Basic thots jot..
Numbers on napkins-
Surprised at my advance and
Trip on my reactions-
Get what you dish out..
Its that... Law of attraction...
I'll leave YOU...
locked up in passion-
Never make a promise. 
But I'll be what he...
tell you in person and close it in captions-
Back up my words with consistent actions-
Look in YOUR eyes and ignore all distractions-

A counter point...
A binary system-
A....----- shoulder to lean
An.....----- ear that'll listen....
Tempt me-
Threaten me-
I'll....---- leave with ease..
But please don't you let me...
Forget me..... not-
I'm harsh but effective like
Bourbon on the rocks-
I'm.... Learning on a curve----
And im certain they couldn't stop-
The pace in case you doubted...
Im about it---
The loudest voice is.... often the most timid-
Im a ...fan of the arts but... Damn its been a minute..

The Gnosis Principle

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Born and raised under the blazing sun of the Coachella Valley, the desert landscapes have shaped my thoughts and have allowed me to create my poetry from clear perspective. My style is multi rhyme structure and I lend myself to the disclosing of the impact that love and loss has had in my life. I hope in my poetry you find my pain, as well as my triumph, please enjoy and share any feedback.

Last updated January 12, 2016