The Matador

by Robert A. Lujan

I've thrown my voice past the shallows-
Into the expanse-
Plummated through the core of her-
The earth has challenged once more-
In the arena of mortality-
Life draws the blade for the bull-
Reluctant- or relentless-
The deposit is the same-
The inevitable dance-
With the breath of life-
From which all was formed-
From hence the suns flares storm-
From that which the I of I was born-
Eons in the making compressed in brown eyes
And brown skin-
Under black hair and weighty scars-
I am him.

The Gnosis Principle

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Born and raised under the blazing sun of the Coachella Valley, the desert landscapes have shaped my thoughts and have allowed me to create my poetry from clear perspective. My style is multi rhyme structure and I lend myself to the disclosing of the impact that love and loss has had in my life. I hope in my poetry you find my pain, as well as my triumph, please enjoy and share any feedback.

Last updated January 12, 2016