A Mangled Star

A mangled star
Shining but unspoken
Its points distorted and bent
Beautiful and broken
The other stars see its music
An listen to the shame
That shouldn't be there
That shouldn't be tamed
Music made of the twisted strings of the guitar
Like the weaving of the vines
Music made out the the switched colors of the piano
The black keys not black but white
And even though it's dark
The star glows true and bright
And even with its mangled heart
The star will shine with all its might
And even if it dies
For its energy runs short
It will shine its last little light
And not ask for any more
An even when it disappears
Into mangled sparkling dust
It's remains will touch the other stars
And they will no longer cause a fuss
The world will morph
Piece by piece
And will no longer be covered in blindness
For with a mangle star comes a mangled heart
That only wanted kindness

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I use my creativity as a weapon to express myself.

Last updated September 01, 2016