I Know

Between that trees, where our
joyful moment plays as a part of
endless love . You hold my hands,
and we laugh together, upon a rainy
Darling, as the rhythm goes by with
the flow of love,
All brightest moment that I've
wrote, only for you,
Will it be a story of lovers between
time ?,
Darling, my own heart desires for
the smile of you,
Like a flower in the desert, a river
that flows,
As the stars changing through the
high place,
I can't help myself out of this,
Please come back to me,
We shall create another story of us,
Through the morning and ends in
our heart,
Under the moonlight,
Where our hands joined together, a
lover's kiss.
It's true !!
I can't live without you, baby,
Even this heart is burned under fire,
Still there is a love for you in

Charles Chuze Kayeyi

Charles S Mortson's picture

Charles Chuze Kayeyi, young, vibrant, high-school student and a lover of art, inspired to publish poems by Mortson, a Researcher and Mentor, to an extent of combining efforts and skill to build a name, Charles S Mortson, a Zambian and proud African with a worldwide vision.

Last updated August 08, 2015