Proud to be Your Lady

I'm putting on my dress
Wearing a smile
Tonight I'm out of a stress
He's out of style

Putting on my heels
Heels that you bought me
Guess you wanted to make me happy
At that time you already got me

On my lips my dark-red rouge
I know you like it rough
I'm looking like a Queen Tonight
But without crude stuff

On my lips my dark-red rouge
That Only Ladies would wear
Tonight everybody will stare
But I'm Proud to be Yours

And I'm Looking at the mirror
What a Lady I though
But you made me that way
So I thank you more and beyond

Yes I want to thank You
Because You became my muse
I forgat how is like to standing Proud
and the pride is something you
should never lose.

If I should choose
Between Love and Pride
I rather say both
Cause as long as you are being you
You can give Love and
love&respect you can get

So I'm standing there Proud
In front of Mirror
Thinking to myself
I'm yours and that is a honor
I want to Thank You My Dear
For believing in me
When I was only young and aimlessly
When I first time showed you love, shamesly

I knew back then your worries
I understood you completely
But you were stood by my side
You didn't give up quickly

Yes, there was a time
when I was crazy so
But you deal with it
You didn't knew your reasons, or so?

But every woman is crazy
Every bird on earth knows that
But here I am peaceful with you
Cause you made me your Lady

So I am standing here in front of mirror
Proud of Me and Yourself
What A Lady they would think
But What A Man I'm thinking to Myself


Tashana Bogatinovski's picture

Tashana Bogatinovski is born in Serbia, 01.06.1991., She graduated 2011th on ITacademy in Serbia, as a web designer, at the same time she won the bronze medal on EuropeanShip in shooting (prone discipline) as a junior.

Last updated August 18, 2015