We,are laying in the dark
Squeezing the sheets,
dark smother the light
And we’re sleeping

I’m sleeping,
with one eye open,
Cause I’m scared,
little broken

and I’m dreaming,

I’m hearing,
your footsteps
while you’re leaving
When I’m dreaming
and you’re in ’em
I wake myself up
cause I’m screaming

Why, are you leaving,
I am thinkin’
tighten the pillow
full of tears,
my heart is, full of fears
while we’re sleeping.

The hole, inside my chest
can’t stop you from leaving
and i’m crying
while your heart is next to mine,
and it’s beating.

Falling asleep,
dark swallow the light
And I’m dreaming
That you’re leaving.
I’m hearing,
your footsteps
while you’re leaving
and I’m screaming
and I kept screaming
in this nightmare
where you are leaving.

Tashana Bogatinovski's picture

Tashana Bogatinovski is born in Serbia, 01.06.1991., She graduated 2011th on ITacademy in Serbia, as a web designer, at the same time she won the bronze medal on EuropeanShip in shooting (prone discipline) as a junior.

Last updated October 16, 2015