Blue Heron

Blue Heron
A great creature, serene
Stately at the edge of calm reflection
Unchanged throughout time
The same feathers, the same flight
The same
Reliable beauty and unending cadence
In journey, in sound, in season
Situates confused
In a complex of buzz and blunder
Humanity overflowing, streaming in metal confinements
Upon concrete interruptions
Living creatures that have lost their rhythm
There is no direction at hand with which to flee it
The noise, the menace
The absence of tranquility
The loss of harmony
The peril of death
An infringement on the feathered comrade
A truth for the chaotic human
To not see the Heron
Is to die

Kimberly R. S. Han

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BA in Religion and Humanities, Work in Insurance, My favorite season is Winter, I am a photography's my number one hobby, (, I am a member of the Madison Symphony Orchestra Chorus, I fantasize about having a career where all I do is write or take pictures or make music..., I am a coffee addicted Vegetarian Celiac, I really adore travel...I've been to 38 states, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Japan, Canada, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland and The Czech Republic.

Last updated August 12, 2011