Bloody Mad

i'm afraid of you
afraid of me
afraid of what this could be
when suddenly i look into your eyes-
they are the mood rings to your soul
changing colors to match your feelings, depths, and inadequacies
or maybe i'm just looking in a mirror
lost somewhere in time
have you found the White Rabbit?
shall I relinquish this control-
and let destiny manifest and take its course?
it could be ecstasy
to learn the depths of me
and jump into this ocean
full of mediocrity
but you might drown
anyway who would want to be bound to these chains for eternity?
certainly not i-
if I were you i'd run- ask the Cheshire Cat for directions
he's sitting around wondering if it's meant to be or just made for tv?
and would the fall be worth the risk?
because there's no rewind button on this disc

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Kristine Neidig is a graduate of Fordham University and has a Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in English and a minor in Psychology.

Last updated September 04, 2022