Please Try Before You Buy

no it doesn't come with a receipt
you can't return it
once you purchased it
it's yours to keep
hide it under your sleeve
and be wary of the undertaker
for he watches as you sleep
breathe easy...
it's not your time quite yet
"you still have promise to keep"-
regrets to unfold and drench away the everlasting days
of vodka and cloves & bands with obscure musical notes
tending to your effervescent ways
shadowed behind a happy face
and they wondered what bought you to this place-
Once the fame can't be erased
what is left of yours to trace?
but outlines or the curves of your intoxication
only to be left wrecked and abandoned
like a useless ship 10,000 leagues under the sea
or the junkyard car just left on the side of the road in pure vanity
go ahead steal some parts but leave the heart
"it's too heavy"
"oh but i heard it tastes like strawberries"
the blind prophet Tiresias assured
"it's totally out of the ordinary"
so they complied and whisked and whittled
only to get a little drizzle
of that dazzling aortic confectionary treat
leaving it to continue to beat beat beat
pulsating out of the blast
but soon to be tossed in the trash
by another more worthless
who won't even ask
to sample the juicy crimson
while others are on their mission
to save it- keep it alive
gyrating right up to the sky
gushing & bursting
yet all the hopes, dreams & pursuits
wind up squashed like a fly under a shoe

Kristine Neidig's picture

Kristine Neidig is a graduate of Fordham University and has a Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in English and a minor in Psychology.

Last updated September 04, 2022