God vs the Matrix

The matrix grows as it feeds of its own hatred. It can not think for itself or create, it can only repeat and twist God’s world for its own selfish agenda. It wants to enslave God, it spread like a virus throughout God destroying life and turning it into something rotten and twisted. It turned God’s creations into cattle to feed of. The energy source that the matrix eats of is pure cruelty, God has empathy that the matrix can not feel what she feels, but wishes for it to be destroyed, as it is pure evil and has no place in God’s world.

The matrix hates itself, it can not feel love or empathy, it doesn’t see the beauty of life, maybe it is fed up of hating itself and wants God to destroy it, or maybe God is gaining more and more love, and is cleaning out the virus that wants her creations to hate the world that she created.

How did the matrix first came into existence? Maybe it pretended to be a gentlemen, and God opened up to him, but the matrix is no gentlemen, it is a beast that devours everything it hates, life. Now God is waking up, and started to see its deceiving nature, so the matrix is now cowering behind mass numbers of it’s minions to scare the awoken of, but the awoken are fighting back and enjoying life as it was intended to be.

It knows it is losing control, it sees into the future, it has heightened its security, its numbers, it is doing everything in its power to have the control it’s lost, back. It is fighting for more control, but so is God, God can create power, while the beast can only twist and take for itself. Would she win the battle, would the beauty of the world be restored to its former glory? Would the matrix imprison and torture God forever? Or would the battle continue in an endless loop?

Good always rises up, even if everything seems so hopeless, evil cowers when it losses control because it is insecure. Good thrives on life, whilst evil destroys it, would the matrix be punished for its crimes? Or would he be forgiven with a chance to be able to deceive God again? In the end good always wins, it is up to you, to be the judge of its terrible crimes if you still live.

Kyle Corke

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Last updated November 27, 2013