Peace… Shhhh… Be still.
You can feel the grass grow beneath your feet.
Be quiet…
You can hear the dew droplets drip from
The leaves onto the moist soil.

The surrounding sounds become servants
As they bow down to the higher God that is trying to speak.
You become oblivious to the stubborn, selfish, and meek.

As you are only human yourself,
And cannot save everyone and everything;
Peace… Be still,
You can feel your ancestors tapping you on the shoulder
Begging for your attention…

Be quiet… You will hear the air whisper,
“My child be patient.”
Remember, we are spiritual beings living in this
Natural world;
But somehow our bodies take control;

As our holy spirit is begging to be heard.
Our human bodies yearn to be supernatural;
But how can something so natural become supernatural?

It can’t; as the body is only temporary;
A painting for the rest of the world to see.
Our spirit is the only supernatural;
As long as we listen and follow it.

The body isn’t connected to God you see,
The body can become scared or tired, and decide to flee.
Our spirit however- endures eternally,
So our spirit will always have best interest.

So again… Peace, I welcome you in my spirit.
I feel you creeping up my spine;
Taking over my mind.
I see you Peace as your sunlight radiates around me.
Peace I hear you, as you tell me…

Shhhh… Be quiet.
Listen to Messiah, he has a word for you…
Be still… feel Messiah put you on his back
And carry you to your destination.
Feel the rough waves become a calm spring under your boat.

Peace… Be still.

December 2012

Shanicqua Tomlinson's picture

I am a 21 year mommy to be who is married to my wonderful husband. I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl. Writing poetry is a gift from God that was passed down 4 generations. It started with my great-grandmother, then is was passed down to my grandmother, then it was passed down to my mom; and now it has been passed down to me. I had my first poem published when I was a senior in high school. That was the first time I ever presented a poem outside of my family and close friends. Since that moment, I knew that my poetry can and will take me far in life. I absolutely love to write poetry; and now I am writing monologues as well. I appreciate poetry for what it has to offer and how it makes me feel. I am using my hidden gift to touch lives around the world by publishing my work.

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