Growing Apart

That's what she said to me
Before that nightmare of a message was even read to me
Beautiful words from a queens lips
Who knew her mouth had fangs
And me watching her words, was really me watching
...the venom drip.
How could this be
Cant believe what I seen
Upon the computer screen
Thought I was the star to her show, but really that was a dream,
Because the real show was happening behind scenes
I swear I want to scream.
But if I let the sound out I would unleash keys
strong enough to part seas
So I just blow trees
As my feelings for her leaves.
Thought we would always stick together
Like bald heads and weave
But she mistakenly,
Took my trust for granted,
granted I wasn't the best man on the face of the planet.
But I was sending her every bit of my love, till the path got slanted, now my hearts stranded.
To late to go back into my body.
She single handed,
made me perceive cupid as a bandit.
God dammit
I should just put my feelings inside a hammock
And let them swing
Like Babe Ruth's bat
You hear that crack
Or do you hear the crackling
Of my heart
Which was once happy
Until you caught me
Like predator on prey
You trapped me
Slit my heart
Then caped me.
Not a actor but I broadcast my love
...Is there something that I didn't show?
My title was babe you called him bae
...Is there something that I don't know?
Should I just go away
Or fold away
Our favorite picture
Located in my wallet
Or should I just let it mold away
Ironically dated on Valentine's Day. I pray the words I say
Sways and raids your mind made
Before the picture decays.
My words are slaves
To my feelings
The daily smile on your face
Subliminally saying
Fuck your feelings.
While wielding weapons
There to bring pain and misery
I cant believe how you really played me
Without a care
Like a song you play once year
Christmas Carroll
My love for you ran deep
Deep laced within my bone marrow
See cupids weapon hit me deep
And that's my heart on the tip of his arrow.
But there's no sarrow
Or sorrow
Because yesterday's pain
Becomes today's rein
By tomorrow...

Leroy West

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Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA., Age 20, Accountant Major at La Salle University

Last updated March 05, 2013