Of Love and All

on a sunny day,
i asked a passer-by "what is love?",
he gave me a stare and continued walking away,
may he not know what love is,
i went to a saint and asked the same
he replied "love is all around you, take a look"
i found this a task worthy of me,
i went to a scientist to break it up
and guess what "love is product of the harmones acting up"
where are the harmones is it near the heart
his reply was negative which made no sense at all,
i went to a temple to meditate
where i met a man with a strange attire
comprised only of beard and eyes
i had to ask "love is a pleasant suffering
where one lives purly on past thoughts"
he was too sad so i left him apart,
i went to a friend for some peer talk
he said" love is the touch, love is the kiss
love is a three letter word that
people hide under the bush"
for reasons so obvious i was not there anymore,
i went to a well to wash it off
where i met a lady in middle of her chores
"love is a feeling that should always be kept appealing
women will the princess of beauty and grace
man will be a predator eager to embrace
offering diamonds and rubies or just butter delights"
i cant afford love or so i thought
on journeying
i met an old granny she offered me a rock candy
but i asked for more "love is a sacrifice
to lay down even one's life"
what a cruel thing love is or so i thought
now what,
have i reached the end of my journey
with more questions than answers
somehow i made it home
where i found my mother waiting for me
i told her about my quest for meaning of love
she listened to me carefully and
she took her pallu and covered me and then said
"dont be in the sun too long my son"
thats all i needed to know.

raja mannar

i love to read and write thought provoking pieces alwaysmy works will make you stop for a moment and think

Last updated October 03, 2015