Landscape of Life

Amazing rules have creatures, for existing all through life,
Our survival is surprising, considering all the strife.

Each creature has to learn the way, of bringing food to mouth,
And if they fail, it may well mean, they’ll have to do without.

All things will surely work, however you require,
But nothing works as you’ll find out, without current in the wire.

It’s challenging for a mother, to feed her little child,
But life is never painless, and sometimes it’s just wild.

Persistence and strong effort can make a super star,
But before you think of victory, you have to face life’s war.

Outward signs of pleasure can hide internal pain;
Dreams must turn to actions, to win a lasting gain.

Thoughtful daily learning should always be your style;
But for knowledge to be useful, requires the second mile.

Love time, kiss your pains, success is near at hand;
With perseverance as your guide, you’ll reach the Promised Land.

Don’t let the present task, prevent a future goal;
Rather let it lights the way, to find your proper role.

Don’t wait another second, to plot your plan for life,
In all you do, may you always be, accompanied by your wife.

Thank you

33 Brookmere Road, ON Toronto Canada

My literature name is Sanu Punatare. It means I am younger son of my parent and Sanu means beloved younger son. The Punatar is a place which is located in Nepal where I born. Due to those reason I like my literature name Sanu Punatare. Recently I am a Permanent Residence of Canada., Professionally I am Assistant Controller in a Canadian Company. I did MBA accounting, MA Economics and Masters in Public Administration. My hobby is writing poems and books. I wrote 7 books in my mother language in the area of social study, general knowledge and guides for public services commission competitive exam for officer. I wrote more than 200 poems in my mother language. I am trying to publish it soon. I have been participating in many literature programs in my community and recite various poems. From my community I was rewarded couple of times for excellent poem., English is my second language though I am very interested writing poem in English language. I wrote some poems in English language too. I will continue put my effort for writing poems in English language.

Last updated August 08, 2015