The Other Side

Life’s ineffectiveness reaps an outcome of Joy,
moaning heart , the limbs,
the eyes, groaning depth,
diffusing prejudiced love,
surpassed boundaries,the reals of quintessential paradigms,
Needless to say the withering away of life,
a joy to the heart, bliss to the soul.
Life anxiously awaits,
There, The Other Side,
extravagant and Bright.

Of those who wish to plunder , the nights raisin gist,
did come upon a joy, a bliss insist,
nor one wandered of, paving the glass of dust,
tilling, milling, shrilling the founds of the lust.

Depths lulling deeper levels,
sounds of pinching salt,
reaving the finite entities,
of the silence in doubt,
Prevails upon those, whose eyes short of sight,
where life never succumbs, for the Heavenly In Might.

Rana Sultaan Singh

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The Charm of Grace !!

Last updated July 03, 2015