His Escape

Waves crashing on the shore,
shells scattered around
seem endless as he glances
down the shoreline.
Tiny crabs skitter
by his boots in the sand.
As he walks further out,
water rises up,
awakening his soul.
He finds just the right site
to make his first cast.
Only the echo of the waves
and the click of his reel
bring him peace and serenity.
The rhythm of these sounds
carries him
away from the noises
of buildings being constructed,
phones ringing,
and the chime of yet another email.
The resonance and feel of
the water
lapping against his waist
relaxes him
and lifts his worries away.

Lori Motal

I teach 3rd grade ELA in Sugar Land, Texas. Currently, I am working to get published.

Last updated June 23, 2011