The Floating Mosque

A sea of darkness in the heart of wonder
Without compass, ships do ponder
Beyond maps and atlas, sailors whisper
A story of refuge amongst the drifters

Between port and starboard, one will find
A crescent moon enlightens minds
An abyss of agnosticism, travelers cross
To take sanctuary in the floating mosque

Geometrical Domes, Minarets Ablaze
Beacons of faith rock in the waves
Allah sings to cast the sails
In me the universe must prevail!

Lightening strikes, Thunder rattles
Prophets seize their swords in battle
Pillars crack, prayers did lurch
For the floating mosque became a church

Steeples, Turrets rose tidal high
Sweeping Allah into the sky
God crashed down mosaic rain
Bellowing, Thy Kingdom come shall not be done in vain!

For forty days and forty nights
Men clung aboard with all their might
To take shelter in this strangest dwelling
A biblical phenomenon most compelling

Whales moan, Tsunamis cry
Trembling omnipotence in the tides
Embodying water, Allah embraces
The Lord takes heed in infinite spaces

Dervishes whirl and Angels scream
The church that was became a dream
Sunburnt mists brush rainbow glaze
Seafarers cloud in religious haze

Where am I and what is this?
I swear this place does not exist
We sailed into a Holy War
Belief in one being is no more

Land is nigh, I fear, says he
It is the end of history
In constant becoming I am free
For my religion is the sea

I'm a sculptor who writes poetry to construct visual narratives for my artworks, using poetry as a vessel for ideas and thoughts to act musically and play with language.

Last updated January 29, 2012