I love you

My love for you is growing each and every day
I love you like you are the only man in this world
I love you like you are perfect
Always be my first love

I love you more when you hurt me
I don't give up on you when you don't even care
Your smile is killing me slowly
I am so desperate for you

I believe in whatever you are saying
I believe in you
I love you when you say im not a quitter
I really cant quit on your love

You always ask me what so special about you
Well it is your personality
Your eyes, your smile and your warm hugs
You are so special to me

You have hurt me so much
But i still love you
I will love you now and forever
I love you endlessly

cape town

I am Inganathi Ntantiso i am 18 years old. I was born in 1996 6th of April. I love writing poems and stories, most of my poems are based on my true life. Also one of the stories that i have written is my true life, the way i have grew up in all the challenges i have met and all that had happened to me.

Last updated October 21, 2014