From Forward to Backward Capitalism

by Lucio Muñoz

A theoretical fact, under forward capitalism,
There is no altruism,
Financial bail outs of losers are immoral,
And the view that only the market matters is central:
When growth is always possible,
Backward capitalism is impossible.

A practical fact, currently the survival of capitalism,
Requires government altruism,
Financial bail outs of losers, except markets, are seen as non-essential,
And the view of nicely tying the invisible hands becomes primordial:
When saving the market is our moral obligation,
Then there exist a backward capitalist notion.

Poem by Lucio Muñoz
Vancouver, BC, Canada


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Independent QLC researcher/consultant who enjoys writing and sharing short poems, short stories and haikus with friends and family. Goal: To write as simple as possible to be able to reach a wider audience from children to adults both in English and in Spanish.

Last updated September 23, 2011