Sonnet # 18

Today I`m sad; yes sad, my eyes did imply.
The heart can`t see; it`s true hidden it lives.
On human vision his love must rely.
My eyes quite spoke, her beauty one that gives.
It was not so; she was a thorn inside,
And poor my heart that followed my eyes` mood.
Now my emotions in my deeps collide,
And with a tear my error I conclude.
One has no eyes, trust what, my friend, the ear?
The voice deceives in crueller ways than sight.
The heart has pain in every instance near.
I say, "Poor heart," and feel it pain not right.
Who eyed a female with beauty outside
And did not have a heart that took her side.

Luis A. Estable

I live in Spokane, WA. At present I am trying t get a degree from SFCC., I have been a poet for more than twenty years, and I have been published in Magazines and books of poems. Currently I have a book of poems out; the poems are sonnets, and the title of his book is, "One Hundred Sonnets, Book Three" and you can get it by going to Barnes and Noble or to and typing in my name or the name of the book, and you will see., Keep on writing poetry and remember that not everyone wants to be a poet or can be one. Take care of you gift., Thanks!, Luis Estable

Last updated October 16, 2014