Sonnet # 2

In you a gentle beauty I do see.
You are my friend, but down deep in my heart
I celebrate your soul so silently.
Then I think of your eyes as pretty
For in your letters of good honesty
I read the words as if I were a boy
Who wants to say with tears and cheerfully
Bring me my girl; I want to dance with joy.
So you can see my seeing you as pure.
I have you water clean, fresh, and divine.
But there is something I have not for sure;
If after this your wish is to be mine.
Your soul yes gladly gives her breath away
With every coming of the dawn of day.

Luis A. Estable

I have been a poet for more than twenty years and before that I was learning how to make start better to agree, so I spent about ten years perfecting the way I wrote poetry and learning or trying to as much as possible about the craft of verse-making., I have been published in magazines and books of poetry and won or been given a few honors none of which is of tall significance ., Of the poems I write there are sonnets, songs, haiku, children`s verse, free style poetry, light verse and more. I have been self-published before but to no avail. As you may know this rarely work, but it was my mistake and my desire to be published in book form., I write for I like to see how putting words together can lead to a meaningful and beautiful composition and in the process creates wonders if it is done well., Well, this is enough for now!, Thanks, Luis A. Estable

Last updated September 30, 2022