Sonnet # 19

For reasons many I the world do call
To come as one to turn pain, tears to mirth,
And like a seed in blessings huge though small
Step by step lat us fill with smiles the earth.
Why do we flowers with good eyes caress?
And even snakes find some who love them dear.
My deep tears through my mouth I do express.
Look at your mate; nothing on earth comes near.
The milk we drink from cows can give us health.
A golden ring to fingers the sky blue,
But nothing has my friend indeed more wealth
Tham,yes, a humna soul; your mind review.
In fact of those who have felt pain a cry
I want the world with its distress god-bye.

Luis A. Estable

I live in Spokane, WA. At present I am trying t get a degree from SFCC., I have been a poet for more than twenty years, and I have been published in Magazines and books of poems. Currently I have a book of poems out; the poems are sonnets, and the title of his book is, "One Hundred Sonnets, Book Three" and you can get it by going to Barnes and Noble or to and typing in my name or the name of the book, and you will see., Keep on writing poetry and remember that not everyone wants to be a poet or can be one. Take care of you gift., Thanks!, Luis Estable

Last updated October 21, 2014