My Views of Man

My Views of Man

(For All the Rulers on this Earth)

Man is the lowest form of life on Earth!
Man frequently is mindless – Vile from birth!
Man treats Man's kind worse than the lower forms.
Man's ruthless traits have all become Man's norms.

Man's now … despite Man's deeds … of little worth!

Man has lacked Moral values from the start….
Man's actions doom Man's soul, and dam Man's heart!
Man acts just like the Crow … on broken wings …
Though Man performs both grand and noble things….

Man always should have played the Eagle's part!

Man serves Man's self a constant meal of greed….
Man reaps Man's wrath, then plants Man's basest seed.
Man loves to kill – Man often kills for joy!
Man's been a bully … since being girl or boy!

Man loves to botch Man's mind with booze or weed!

Man mostly fails to hear the loud word: "No!"
Man's primal justice chuckles … lets Man go….
Man's so cheered on to love … and use a gun …
Man'd rather kill … and kill … and kill … than run!

Man stands Man's ground! – The Senseless made it so!

Man spends Man's greatest wealth to plan for war!
Man fights war's battles … while in search for more!
Man, ever blind to what Man's soul should seek,
Ignores Man's Brotherhood … and damns the meek….

Man spends such small wealth for the sick … the poor!

Man's lost Man's Soul in Man's blind views of Gays –
Too blind to see that Gays don't choose their ways….
Man's mind and soul, discounting Gays are Born,
Demean the Gays, and grant them death and scorn!

Even while Man's own inner Being decays….

Religion is Man's constant boon … and bane….
Religion makes Man's lusts … Man's views … insane!
In all Man's search for God, Man should be Kind –
For Kindness heals Man's Soul, and cures Man's Mind.

Religion tends to make Man void … and vain….

Man damns Man's Soul through Man's satanic views,
Which still propose Christ's Death was caused by Jews.
Man disregards Christ's Death – God's Chosen Way! –
Was planned to bring Man LIFE … without decay….

Jesus' Death … should be Man's saving news….

Man, everywhere, should kneel down now, and pray! –
Yes! Pray to God … Man's Sins will GO away….
Each Man's an Angel … damned by Man's own curse!
No prayer … and no atonement … make Man worse!

For Man has lived through Hell's own Sins each day….

Man finds joy in the deaths that each gun brings….
Man is the Devil's guide … on useless wings....
Man needs Life's virtue – Kindness! – In Man's Soul.
In Life … Man needs to play a BETTER role….

Man bases much of life on baseless things….

Man Plagiarizes Work man could not write!
Man's made man's Internet a Writer's blight!
Man's so debased … man steals the Writer's Work!
Man can be so obtuse – A Blank … A Jerk!....

Man Plagiarizes Day … then calls it Night….

Man's now … despite Man's deeds … of little worth!
Man frequently is mindless – Vile from birth! –
So full of hate, and grief, and pain … to give!
So full of ways to make it HARD … to live….

Man is the lowest form of life on Earth!


Ronald G. Auguste

Last updated June 11, 2014