Uneasy Heart

The world came crashing down on me
When all I hoped is to be free.
I believe in bad and good days.
This time, I am inside a case.
I want to leave and escape this.
But it's hard and I'm out of bliss.

Hello? Is someone there? Help me!
Give me a hand. I feel dizzy.
There's something I want to erase -
Memories in the past that chase.
And to my heart wishes to kiss.
Sadly, I'm an unknown mistress.

Yeah, I have tried understanding.
Sadly, he's not good in hiding.
Please, make him forget my being.
I hate the thought and the feeling.
Lord forgive me, but I will cry.
I hate his love. So let it die.

The Philippines

JB Nuique's picture

Hello, there! I am actually thegalwithmanynames. But you can call me Jae. I am from the Philippines. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. I am still trying to write just to express what I feel every time I experience things. And having grammatical errors is one of my weaknesses from the millions that I have. Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

Last updated November 09, 2016