Frozen Tears

I think I can sing an elegy for you now
Or maybe write a beautiful story of your broken vow,
Because I have thoughts and this feeling
That I can't hide because I'm drowning.

Do I have the right to be this way?
To think of you almost everyday?
When I know we came to our end;
When I can't even remain as a friend.

I can't stop crying for you and for us.
Letting you go is just the worse.
I hope one night, a shooting star passes by
So I could wish to move on and bid goodbye.

Or maybe I could wish for my tears to be frozen
Because I know I won't see you comin',
To save me from this marvelous madness—
Our love that turned into a ravishing sadness.


JB Nuique's picture

J.B. Nuique, aka Giudellius, is a Cebuano-speaking Negrense from the Philippines. She is an August Virgo, an artist and an ink drinker. She loves sunsets, coffee and chocolate cake. She likes rom-com films and other films with women as the main character. Other than poetry, she is writing novels about the women in her fictional country of Simetra. Her Judenne Waters, where she posted most of her works during the pandemic, is on hiatus.

Last updated June 20, 2016