Your choice

Talk. Spit it out. Shout.
Scream. Cry it out loud.
I beg you. Yes, you!
I became like this because of you.

Free me. Cut my chains.
I should be a beast that nobody tames.
What is this feeling you created?
Why do I feel like I am mistreated?

It's hard to go back from the start,
From the beginning where you never moved my heart.
But if you want me to do that,
I guess I'm alone to find my way out.

The Philippines

JB Nuique's picture

J.B. Nuique, aka Giudellius, is a Cebuano-speaking Negrense from the Philippines. She is an August Virgo, an artist and an ink drinker. She loves sunsets, coffee and chocolate cake. She likes rom-com films and other films with women as the main character. Other than poetry, she is writing novels about the women in her fictional country of Simetra. Her Judenne Waters, where she posted most of her works during the pandemic, is on hiatus.

Last updated October 02, 2016