Take Me

Take me to a land far away from here.
And make my life exceed beyond better.
I want to be happier and greater.
Help me! Prove to me what is forever.

Turn me into a beautiful goddess
Who owns plenty of great golden riches.
Promise me a soul that is full of bliss.
Give me a being whose love will not cease.

And I will faithfully love you by then.
Oh! I'll still do that if we live again.
Years passed but I'm still in my beastly den.
So dear, please accept the monster I've been.

And though you can never give anything,
Being with you, dear, is a good ending.
For us, the afterlife is now waiting.
But our lifetime is just beginning.

The Philippines

JB Nuique's picture

J.B. Nuique, aka Giudellius, is a Cebuano-speaking Negrense from the Philippines. She is an August Virgo, an artist and an ink drinker. She loves sunsets, coffee and chocolate cake. She likes rom-com films and other films with women as the main character. Other than poetry, she is writing novels about the women in her fictional country of Simetra. Her Judenne Waters, where she posted most of her works during the pandemic, is on hiatus.

Last updated November 08, 2016