For Aun

In the eyes of my love so deep and engulfing
I see our future unfold
Through the deep brown expression of every gaze
I can hear our life story being told

In the eyes of my love so squinted and shining
The joy of her heart pierces through
And the encompassing emotion of her pure happiness
For a moment belongs to me too

In the eyes of my love so focused and pure
The path of our travel is clear
And with quiet tears streaming
Down the most beautiful face
The reality of her truth becomes fear

In the eyes of my love dark with worry and doubt
The scared little girl needs some space
To feel loved and secure
Being held in my arms
With knowledge she’s in the right place

In the eyes of my love so accepting and sure
All obstacles we’ll rise above
For I have found my purpose, my gift and my home
All in the sweet eyes of my love

Austin, TX

I am a lover of words and feelings. The marriage of these two can provide a look directly into the soul of the writer, and can create great insight in the soul of the reader. I write about what I know; fear, courage, strength, love, loss, and humor.

Last updated October 20, 2011