Transcended Land Of Love

Never a hint of brusque
Never a feeling of rush,…
Just a harmony greener than the naivest lust
Meaning of pure empathy
A mountain of joy, a fountain of fawns
No region left to mould new lawns…
An evergreen feel... a curious heart heal
A face shone to the highest sun’s zeal
Due oath, due fond; a million years
But never a moment of loathe
A palanquin of transcended riches
A bowl, a river filled now off with mitches
A heart,… twice the world…no need of the feeling to stay… because writ down in every moment to behold
Legends are known for their million doves…
And yet many more for living in this Transcended Land Of Love.

Vaishnavi Prakash

Vaishnavi Prakash's picture

a lot of wonder imprinted in my head ... larger than the universe to a sparrow.

Last updated October 18, 2011