Whenever do I greatness behold ,
The fold of thoughts do unfold.
They take me to a world hitherto unknown.
A world where I`m well `known`
And no longer something to disown.
Where it`s not a `signature` anymore
But an `autograph` worth crore.
Where the sun has `risen`,
And would never go out of vision,
Where I stand strong alone
Quite well on my own.

Though now with these dreams I lie in a nook,
There`s a reason these thoughts in my mind cook.
The reason is tumultuous transformation
Transformation of the dreary days that passed
And left me wildly aghast
Where the sun didn`t shine
And success I didn`t find
Where it was all raining
And there was no `silver lining`.
Where glory was fleeting
And my heart was left bleeding.

great is the nature,perfection the habit,
humility the path and zenith the ambit.

Last updated March 10, 2011