Healing Blues!

If am here,
and you there,
to each other near,
to you and I 'tis clear.

I want you,
my desire is new,
blow me a kiss true,
pull me closer mmhh!

Oh! I want it in me,
fill me up fill me,
spread the heat in me,
set me on fire set me.

The things you do,
you are crazy so,
you make me run oh!
Cry and laugh lol!


Tom Mukasa's picture

Tom Mukasa is a recipient of the Anne Frank Human Rights Award. He lives in San Francisco, California USA, enjoys country-walks, volunteers with social development organizations. He has a passion for working in the laboratory and with teams working towards the cure of HIV. He is the co-founder of the Global Social Justice Action Against Xenophobia (JAXp). He is a blogger but also finds time to write poem-stories using the traditional Buganda style rendered in English. Many more of his poems are on: ugandabeinsanfrancisco.blogspot.com. Enjoy reading them but do not forget to share a remark as well as following him. Thank you, you are lovely!

Last updated July 14, 2015