The end

Alongside the morning’s silent fields
Driving my convertible, roofless to say
Sitting by my childhood crush
Felling the gush, within
The windmills passing by loud
Tulips swaying proud
We pass, silent
Admiring just each other’s presence
She smiles like she knows,
Of the unspoken crush
I hope, she knows

(Reminisced the benches
Where far away she sat
Waiting for the glimpse of her face
My school days passed.)

Probably, in sidewalk we met
May be I offered her the drive,
Seeing each other after a very long time.
In the Dutch town,
When the time was to say ‘take care’
When the time was to give my number and say ‘call me sometime’
I wake the wake that I never wanted to wake
I wake the wake that I never wanted to wake
Now I know
Why dreams are so delusional
Why dreams do not have ‘The End’

To write our own ‘The End’
They wake you the wake that you never wanted to wake.



Last updated January 17, 2012