To A Love Unrequited

If your eyes can see, then why
Do you not see my tears?
If your ears can hear, then why
Do you not hear my prayers?

If your hands can reach, then why
Do you ne'er reach for me?
If your heart can feel, then why
Do you let me be?

If your smile can warm a heart, why
Is mine as cold as stone?
If your company can cheer one up, why
Do I still feel alone?

If your laugh can still time, then why
Do I feel the ages rushing past?
If your tears can wash away mine, why
Does joy never really last?

If your embrace can silence any sorrow, why
Do I still bleed at night?
If your words ensure the promise of tomorrow, why
Do I never long for light?

If your soul can offer courage, why
Am I still afraid and weak?
If your love can wait for eternity, why
Will you not wait for me?

Flowers at the Shwe Dagon

Mandy Moe Pwint Tu's picture

Born in Yangon, Myanmar, Mandy started writing in earnest in 2007, after being inspired by JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". Since then she has written two volumes of poetry and is working on the third, and one of her poems, "Love is Silent" will be published in World Poetry Movement's book "Best Poets and Poems of 2012", which is due to be out in early June. Mandy's poems explore various themes, from love to nature to philosophy to personal experiences. She now lives in Perth, Australia.

Last updated April 21, 2013