Love Has No Heart

Love has no heart, I do declare,
For Cupid, wingéd, sailing through the air -
Wields a bow and fits an arrow
Tipped with love, or poison? Who really knows?

Love has no heart; I am not deceived.
For he plunges mortals into false belief;
He wounds them, and laughs at their injuries.
He misleads their hearts, committing perjuries.

Love has no heart, of this I am sure.
For love has not a simple cure;
He lives on sighs, and innumerable tears -
He smiles at mere, silly little fears.

Love has no heart. I mean no ill:
But Love bends all like slaves to his will.
He binds them, casts them into prisons -
They fall on thorns, not soft cushions.

Love has no heart. I'll hear no argument:
For I have been bound, trapped and bent;
I have fallen on thorns, not sweet petals -
I am locked behind bars of strong metal.

Love has no heart. One last time I'll say:
For when all is done, he ever gets his way.
And still, winged Cupid sails the air -
Love has no heart, I do declare.

Flowers at the Shwe Dagon

Mandy Moe Pwint Tu's picture

Born in Yangon, Myanmar, Mandy started writing in earnest in 2007, after being inspired by JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". Since then she has written two volumes of poetry and is working on the third, and one of her poems, "Love is Silent" will be published in World Poetry Movement's book "Best Poets and Poems of 2012", which is due to be out in early June. Mandy's poems explore various themes, from love to nature to philosophy to personal experiences. She now lives in Perth, Australia.

Last updated April 21, 2013