Forever Closed

Forsworn and ravaged
your heart among the masses
of the ones within your past.
You clothe yourself in false talents
to hide from me
but alas,
I witness your pain and
pull apart the many webs
containing you within.
I weep as I see your suffrage
and reach for your soul
drenched in sin.
It cannot be known
these trials you inflict
on your own life.
They will never know
who you truly are
as you fastidiously
plant your strife.
The loving arms that find you
fall fast from your warmth and
perfected pretense.
For you it is momentary comfort
until your cursed heart's defense.
You leave yourself forever closed
to the possibilities of finding home.
A single tear I shed for you
as your world was once my own.

Margaret Marie Hubbard's picture

I am a disabled mother of two beautiful boys. I spend my extra time learning many different forms of art and appreciate every medium the world has to offer. One of the many ways I choose to express my creativity is through writing.

Last updated September 29, 2011