The Crucifixion


Why did the sun his beams conceal
As if unwilling to reveal
That deed of mankind on the day
When Jesus, at the altar, lay
A willing sacrifice.

Earth, too, in terror shook, when He
The Mighty, died on Calvary;
When for our sins He bowed His head,
Gave up the ghost, and quickly sped
To regions of the dead.

And some who had for ages long
Been wrapped in slumber deep and strong,
Awoke, and by their converse showed
That death no more dominion had
In that He died.

Why did He die? Ah! blissful thought,
When we near death and hell were brought,
He left His Father's courts above —
O, list to such amazing love —
And died to save.

Why did He die? 'Twas love divine
That caused Him all things to resign —
A heavenly choir, celestial home,
Exalted seat, seraphic song,
And all to save.

Blest thought! He reigns victorious now,
To whom all earth will shortly bow,
Let men below and saints above
Wonder at such stupendous love,
As caused their God to die.

Last updated March 22, 2023