A Cozy Little Room

deep within lies a place for my mother
a place where she is no longer a victim
alzheimers cant find her anymore
within my heart is a cozy little room

she is whole...she is young...she is happy
there she resides in peaceful bliss
no more pain...no more fears to worry her
within my heart is a cozy little room

yes i have enshrined my human mother
accepted her human ways...she tried her best
gave her a place of honor for all she wanted to be
within my heart is a cozy little room

she was not perfect...she knew this to be true
but she gave it a shot...her very best she knew
and for that i honor her for i inherited her ways
within my heart is a cozy little room

she was my mother and i love her still
felt her regrets at her mistakes
felt her pride when she knew she did well
within my heart is a cozy little room

she didnt know the legacy she left me
but i am proud to be her daughter
knowing she was only human doing her best
within my heart is a cozy little room

mary etta metcalf's picture

i write out of love for words....the style i use is free verse, where i can create who i am..., i began writing while i cared for my mother, who had alzheimers, as a form of therapy for me....when she died, the poetry stayed with me....now i write about everything....life...love....betrayals....philosophy...nature...fantasy and some dark poetry....where ever my fancy seems to be at the time....i use my personal knowledge and experiences with a lot of them, i am a very private person who enjoys my animals, my grandchildren, my children, when they let me, and the love of my life., several of my poems have appeared in the Taj Mahal Review and some anthologies....i have written three books of poetry, my first was my therapy book, all the poems i had written while caring for my mother called "When There Are Dragons There is Alzheimers". my second book "Through the Maze of Life" was the start of my growth, my third and most recent book is called "Thoughtful Whispers" poems of a growing poet.....my website is www.pegesus.weebly.com

Last updated August 10, 2011