My Words Embrace

come close to me hear my thoughts feel my words
let them create the mood for our encounter
shall we be friends lovers of the word or strangers
let my words embrace you fill your every need

i sense you needs feel your loneliness your emptiness
take my words to fill you ease your pain give you comfort
let the emptiness evaporate create the world you want
let my words embrace you fill your every need

as our words intermingle feel their gentle caresses
allow them to soothe your weary mind and soul
ease the pain and anguish you may suffer
let my words embrace you fill your every need

once our minds are sated and the glow once more shines
i will feel satisfied that our encounter was worthwhile
that we both parted with contentment at our sharing
let my words embrace you fill your every need

mary etta metcalf's picture

i write out of love for words....the style i use is free verse, where i can create who i am..., i began writing while i cared for my mother, who had alzheimers, as a form of therapy for me....when she died, the poetry stayed with i write about and some dark poetry....where ever my fancy seems to be at the time....i use my personal knowledge and experiences with a lot of them, i am a very private person who enjoys my animals, my grandchildren, my children, when they let me, and the love of my life., several of my poems have appeared in the Taj Mahal Review and some anthologies....i have written three books of poetry, my first was my therapy book, all the poems i had written while caring for my mother called "When There Are Dragons There is Alzheimers". my second book "Through the Maze of Life" was the start of my growth, my third and most recent book is called "Thoughtful Whispers" poems of a growing website is

Last updated August 10, 2011