by Mary Gilmore

IT’S gettin’ bits o’ posies,
’N’ feelin’ mighty good;
A-thrillin’ ’cause she loves you,
An’ wond’rin’ why she should;

An’ stoppin’ sort o’ sudden,
Because you’re full o’ thought;
An’ quick with res’less feelin’s
That make life seem too short!

It’s feelin’ ’s if she’d loved you
Before the world was made;
As if she still would love you,
When all our debts are paid;

As if there’s nothin’ mattered,
As if the world was good,
As if the Lord was lookin’,
An’ sort o’ understood.

It’s feelin’ kind an’ gentle
To everything that’s weak,
And doin’ jus’ sich actions
As nearly seem to speak;

Sich actions women reckon
Are certain to occur
When he’s in love with some one,
And that some one is—her.

Last updated April 08, 2023