blessing for sound health

upon waking every morning
I offer silent benediction
for the ability
to revel
with full faculty
of this aging body
still going strong
where ability sans
enjoying the simple pleasures
available thru bodily senses
plus cavorting with teenage daughters
in my nonsensical mien
worth more than money can buy
yet of course if I did
happen to be a lucky lottery winner
that could definitely relief
some anxiety and allow
me to breathe easy
yet could never do justice
pitted against robust
body, mind and spirit triage!

matthew harris

matthew scott harris's picture

at two score and thirteen years, i feel a greater desire to imbibe each and every precious moment (not taken for granted) to enjoy the simple pleasures in life as well the maturation of me special daughters whose laps across el sol remind me how quickly time elapses!

Last updated May 09, 2012